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RECORD RELEASE CONCERT 04.05.2023 @maschinenhaus Berlin

on 4th of may we will release our first EP. we will celebrate that special moment with a concert @maschinenhaus Berlin on the same day. you will enjoy songs we have released up to then and you can discover songs we have not yet shown to the world. on stage will be joining us Richie Nachtwei on fluegelhorn and Hannes Hüfken on bass and special guest Björn Bergmann. afterwards we will party to live music by crazy duo OXO OHO. get your tickets here

FLING out now

listen to our wild and untamed acoustic version of our newest release FLING. a song about a really lovely love affair of which you hope it could become something more than just a fling. deep down you know it won’t work but for now you are on a great high and don’t care about the fall.

HOPE out now

our newest release explores the dark side of hope. when hope becomes nothing but a senseless torture and you should have let go long ago.

enjoy our most melancholy song and a haunting video by Matthias Barthel.


this song marks the start of LÜX. when we both first met for a songwriting session

FEATHERBRAINED was born. we are proud to share this song with you.

it is full of joyous, creative starting-energy.

UNCOVER acoustic live session OUT NOW

stripped down to its essence and barefooted, with a little out of tune piano and a passionate performance – here comes UNCOVER in an acoustic, live recorded version:

UNCOVER – release

our second single UNCOVER is out now.

you will discover a very intimate and gentle facet of LÜX.

a love song dedicated to all those beautiful people who deserve our trust

and make us open up and uncover our true selfs.

MAD HEAD – acoustic session

take a look and listen to our stripped down acoustic version of mad head.

performed, recorded and filmed in a cozy living room at spring session Dresden.


we proudly present our first ever single MAD HEAD. this marks the start of LÜX!

we welcome you to our lüxurious universe. a lot of brave indie pop songs will follow.

you can listen to MAD HEAD on the streaming service of your choice.